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HeartFelt Rabbitry

Raising Quality Holland Lops!

Please see breed pages for sale stock, we are downsizing!!!

Welcome to our small Rabbitry, I established this in 1988 as a teenager in East Central IN, and raised until 1996, then took a break until 2004 when my children were old enough to be involved.

 We are NOW located in St. George, SC. (and can occasionally deliver to Central IN, or along the way in between) 

 In our Mini Rex herd we Have a Trio: Choko: a broken Chocolate buck, Jamocha a solid Chocolate doe, And Jada a Black Doe that carries for Chocolate: litters from them 2-3 times a year.

Holland Lops are our Main Concetration. We have acquired some Fabulous show stock from various breeders from  IN, SC, KY, and FL-We plan to work mainly with Sable Points, Tris, and Brokens.

If you see something you like, Please drop us an email and we'll try our best to get it to you, Or a close replica!!!  We have a few Champions, And a few on there way!  The kids have just recently got into the show ring, So it's a new adventure for us all.

Website updated on: Sept. 12, 2012

Site Updates


September 2012:  Fall is here and so are the babies.....We have Chocolate mini rex in the box and waiting on 2-4 hollands to produce. Hoping for a litter of Eng. Lops with Juliet this fall too.  These will likely be our only litters until early spring, So if your looking for something new contact early for best choice

April 2012: WHEW winter Flew by!  Spring is here and we have a few Hollands available: looking to downsize a bit more and plans to revamp rabbitry into my new Puppy Nursery Later this year.....WE WILL Continue raising Hollands on a very small scale, Concentrating on Tris and Sable Points(other colors will appear from time to time.

December 2011: We have decided to Cut back on Rabbits, Only keeping a Handful of favorites. All Dwarfs have been sold.

Aug. 2011: We are considering a drastic downsize in our rabbitry, Boys are going back to school and are losing interest, I need to make it more workable for me at this time, So Please Check ALL Breed pages for sales animals.

Oct. 2010: OUR first litter of hollands has been born here at Heartfelt, Kyle and Hollay gave us a gorgeous litter of 5 healthy kits, expect many more litters next month.

June 2010: We have a great start to our New Holland lop program, 2 new babies from IN and 4 from SC, reside in our rabbitry, with 2 more on there way from FL.  We are so excited to start working with this "SWEET" breed.  We are moving quite a bit of stock to make the needed room for this program.  PLEASE See Sales Page for availabe buns, 18 added today(june 26). May be more added later on.  Debating whether or Not to keep working with the Lionheads, only have a trio of them left to work with......we'll see.

April 2010:  Our First Easter Season in a new State.....WHEW!! It was Awesome...I was hesitant about over-breeding for this holiday...since I felt like "No-One" knew we were here, and the rabbitries down here are few and far between...But Boy was I wrong...The buyers are definately here! And I am excited about my new found opportunity in a New State. But also Bummed about downsizing my rabbitry from 100 to 35 before the move....Ugh! made for an easier move, but left me with short supply of breeding stock....Feel like I'm starting over....LOL!

November 2009:  We have gotten moved into our new home in SC...Buns have settled in well. And are expecting our first litters in a new state this month.  Expecting babies in all breeds except for LOPS.  all colors are expected in all breeds.  Thank You to all at home that helped lighten the load by purchasing a bunny from us...ANd to everyone that helped us in the actual packing and moving process...

  July 2009: My husband has taken a Job with a company in South carolina, Thus we will be moving down there this fall(Sept/Oct likely). We are trying to downsize the rabbitry just a bit to make the move a bit easier....I will not have any cages for sale only bunnies, as we will continue our programs down there.  Anyone interested in buns please see SALES page..Nursery pages will not necessarily be kept up to date as we will be busy settling and packing things up here...But I WILL keep the sales page current.

The Boys at their First show; What little men they are!

 I previously owned and operated a Pet Grooming/Boarding Facility(for 7 years prior to our move in Oct.2009)   I spent over 10 years raising Rabbits before getting Married.....Then took a 9 year break from it....I am now back with a little help from my two children, We have been doing this as a family for 6 yrs now...I have always Loved the Mini Rex, Both for their fur and their Sweet Docile Temperment(perfect childrens bunny).  As for the Dwarfs, I simply love a challenge....And the lops started out as a trial event and they simply Stuck(everyone Loves them)  Feel free to drop us a line for all your Bunny needs.

Along with the Rabbitry, Our youngest son Raises Chickens of various breeds: Blue Andalusian(bantams), Old English, Brahma's(light and Buff), Barred Rocks, and Cochins.

 I Also Operate MYSTIQUE Kennels as well, where we raise Quality Champion European Lined Rottweilers, Quality Miniature Schnauzers, and Italian Greyhounds, With Family in Mind.